ARCO Chair
Work Like Never Before
Through its striking charm Arco is placed in the working environment to transmit trust to customers. It is designed to follow the human body flexibility and every postural movement being perfectly ergonomic and highly functional. The headrest and armrest adaptability are complemented to the aerodynamic structure and its padded support in the lumbar zone fulfils a good posture and a greater comfort.



The strength of this task chair is its strong and recognizable character. A strong symbolic designed to achieve maximum ergonomics and expanded with a headrest and lumbar support perfectly adapted to its design.




Midnight Blue Back Frame

The industrial design breakthrough of Midnight Blue color element adds brand new excitment apart from the traditional all-black office chair environment.



Ergonomic Office Chair

Nowadays, many professions require people to work in the office, sitting in front of the computer all day long...Thus, the proper sitting position is extremely important. ARCO chair is ergonomically designed and adapted to the individual's unique physical characteristics and needs which provides great support for user`s body that reduces the muscle tension from long hours sitting to ensure the 8-hour workday is effective.

The lumbar support is positioned  to fit your body height. Adjusting lower lumbar  to expand proper healthy S-Curve of your spine .



Easy Locking Positions Adjustment

The ARCO mechanism enables smoother and more flexible switching of various operating conditions. You can easily complete the recline and locking by simply rotating the knob (in any direction) next to the seat.

Three-dimensional wide length headrest

The new design of ARCO’s headrest provides good support for user’s head with a width of 38cm sufficient space for movement. The 11-position of 95mm stroke offers maximum comfort for users with various heights.



Dual-Direction Height  Adjustment Lumbar Support

The ARCO lumbar support is made of high-resilience foam, which provides the comfortable and firm support  to user`s spine.

The height adjustment is 6-positions  in 50mm long stroke that ensure lumbar support fits perfectly into users in various  heights and prevents the pelvis from tilting.

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Grey

  • Orange


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