We take our design inspiration from the natural world,but we also maintain our respect for nature.We try to make our products out of recycled materials, during the manufacturing process, Finest ensures the safety for users while trying to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We have a good record of reducing energy consumption and waste. We expect the same from our supply chain partners. Therefore, we carefully selected our partners and seek to establish friendly cooperative relations with business partners who share the same view of sustainable development.

  • Particle board

  • Decor paper

    We cooperate with German veneer brand-Suddekor  to develop Finest exclusive veneer.The SURTECO paper is not only high quality, but also has a deep log pattern design which retains the remarkable natural characteristics of the wood. Every inch of the texture is vivid. The outstanding features of scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and impregnation resistance meet the demand for resources recycling development under the severe situation of deficient global timber resources.

  • Panel fabric

    Our panel fabric is 100% renewable polyester, which does not contain any heavy metals. It obtained the European Union and international textile ecological certification. The panel board adopts manual stitching technology, so that the fabric does not need any glue to stick on the board. It is smooth, environmental friendly and healthy.

  • Spraying Process

    We adopt electrostatic powder spraying process or environmental friendly spraying process for metal surface treatment to ensure they are healthy and safe to use.

  • Easy to disassemble

    considered in the design. They can be easily disassembled to participate in circular Economy, and it is also convenient to quickly detach components for replacement or recycling.

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