NEC Chair
The new way to work
NEC-New Ergonomic Chair is a new innovative ergonomic chair . The armrest is integrated in the backrest and folded up from the even surface that holds the backrest upholstery. They almost give the chair a humorous character surrounding the sitting person.



Hans Thyge & Co

Hans Thyge & Co design studio was founded in 1990 by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer. The studio specialises in designing furniture, objects, interiors and branding. 

The studio has a long history of know-how and experience working with a variety of materials and production methods for clients worldwide. 

Hans Thyge & Co consists of passionate designers with bold ideas and a love for beautiful design. The studio believes that every design should tell a story of creativity, tradition, vision, culture and values. 

Throughout the years, the studio has received several awards in the international design scene.

“Creativity is the variety of impressions, which are combined with memories and associations, and filtered through the individual view,” 



Anywhere & Anybody

It is a chair for the modern spaces and with its innovative ergonomic features it is creating better health for the user and more joy for the eye.

The chair is small and vibrant and will visually take up less space in the environment. With its innovative design and clear simple style, it will create a good working spirit.



Fit for everyone

The flxible adjustment funcion makes it easy for you to switch between dfferent sttng positions, stitting, standing or leaning to rest. Replacing the traditinal sedentary office with moderate exercise is also the best way to rlieve oficle ftigue, it also improves interpersonal communication, promote creative cllaboration, help employees perform btter.

1)2°Seat forward leaning angle

2)60mm Seat sliding

3)60mm Backrest height adjustment

4)8° back tilt



Balance and relaxation

NEC is a light ergonomic office chair to use in normal sitting positions and sitting high with open angle between upper body and legs to provoke better blood circulation and right S-curve

on back spine.All scientific research shows that open angle between legs and backrest creates more blood flow in the body and less pressure on the spine in the lower section, which is the two most dangerous consequences sitting for long hours.Balance and relaxation



Always the right fit

NEC chair has a very simple Nordic design .The integrated armrests make the user feel safe when sitting high. The armrests also serve as handles so that the chair is easily dragged around as we in modern office environments often changes position.

Create inspiration

The unique chair shape with multiple color choices add the vitality to the workplace and it could build a collaboration space at any time. This flexibility makes it ideal for creative meeting rooms, collaboration areas, and work stations .NEC chair allows you to turn around to face your coworker while sitting on it with comfort.




Home office

The chair is small and vibrant and will visually take up less space in the environment. A variety of colors and fabric could adapt to different home environments which create a good working spirit at home.



Mozart – Fine fabric

NEC Chair adopts the Mozart series from Gabriel, the world's leading furniture fabric supplier. The four colors of this material give you a strong visual experience ranging from quiet to fresh to athletic vitality . Mozart has good performance, including good elasticity, excellent durability, natural fire resistance and environmental friendly.The fabric is 100% renewable polyester, which does not contain any heavy metals, fully meeting the relevant high standards of the European Union.

  • Orange

  • Green

  • Light grey

    Light grey
  • Dark grey

    Dark grey

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