ORCA Chair
Pure Scandinavian Style
The ORCA chair is designed in pure Scandinavian style where combines the aesthetics and functionality .The backrest comes in 2 parts so that the lumbar support could be height adjusted according to different body height to provide the customized support and comfort .The innovative system offers the firm support to users lower back that helps the users sitting in the correct position during working time to reduce the fatigue from sitting stationary throughout the day. When you get tired of sitting, it also provides you extreme comfort in relaxed leaning back position.



Hans Thyge & Co

Hans Thyge & Co design studio was founded in 1990 by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer. The studio specialises in designing furniture, objects, interiors and branding. 

The studio has a long history of know-how and experience working with a variety of materials and production methods for clients worldwide. 

Hans Thyge & Co consists of passionate designers with bold ideas and a love for beautiful design. The studio believes that every design should tell a story of creativity, tradition, vision, culture and values. 

Throughout the years, the studio has received several awards in the international design scene.

“Creativity is the variety of impressions, which are combined with memories and associations, and filtered through the individual view,” 


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The normal human body has three physiological curvatures. Due to physiological requirements, they do not grow in one straight line. The thoracic vertebrae  is convex, and the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are convex forward. From side view, the spine looks  like  two “S” are connected together.




The innovative Orca chair has 2 functions in 1. The chair adapts perfect for and active working task position but also for a comfortable relaxing position.

The low lumbar support is positioned in your personal height. You push the low lumbar to assure the right S-curve on your spine. 

The body is leaning on both the lower and upper backrest as both backrest pieces moves independent from each other. This creates a great comfort in relaxing position. 




Enjoy The Soft Seating Experience

─ Upholstered seat

The  seat is designed  with higher front edge in arc shape ,plus 80mm thick molded foam  which help to minimize the pressure distribution of user`s  legs to provide extreme  comfortable seating with perfect support.

Stay Comfortable At All Times

─ Mesh seat

Orca mesh seat adopted the imported mesh with good ventilation and support to reduce the heat and moisture accumulation from long hours seating to provide the users comfort at all times.

The seat is  ergonomic designed that helps legs blood circulation  from long hours seating . With the seat sliding function , it can be easily adjusted to fit various users.


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