Split table


Design concept

•It splits into left and right, simple and modern , stylish and strong 

•Layered built-in adjustable feet design to keep the overall appearance uniform and coordinated. 

•The craftsmanship of stretching , laser modeling ,seamless welding ,fine polishing ensures the flawless appearance. 

•Perfect control on distortion, deformation and size.

Split Personal desk

Split personal office desk is highly compatible, it utilizes every inch of space efficiently with a variety of sizes and specifications .It could also be equipped with high cabinets and other storage cabinets to form an independent office. It provides users privacy to improve work efficiency  with a sense of ownership.

工作位 -2.jpg

Flip cover for power supply

Brush cover to hide socket and wires to  keep your desk tidy

工作位 -3.jpg

Hidden cable management

Cables are routed inside the desk, the shelf can be removed, and the front door of the power supply cover is designed to facilitate cable installation and maintenance

工作位 1920-2.jpg

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