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Lay-Z Foot Support

The benefits of nap are numerous, such as: eliminating sleepiness and improving memory; regulating emotions and reducing stress; improving immunity; reducing the incidence of cardiovascular system diseases, etc., which can greatly improve work efficiency.

For office staff, one-third of the day is spent in the office, and a comfortable nap experience becomes a little extravagant. Most people still choose or have to nap on their stomachs, this harmful way might compressing nerves, affecting the speed of brain reaction; visual impairment; inducing gastritis; inducing periodontal disease, etc., which reduces work efficiency and endangers the retention rate of enterprises.

Therefore, providing employees with a healthy nap experience has also become an urgent problem to be solved in the future office.


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Napping on your back has become a healthy and comfortable way to take a nap in the office. There are many products on the market for napping on your back, but most of them do not solve the problem of leg compression. The distance of the "Easy Nap " foot support is 420mm from floor, it supports your feet without oppression your legs to ensure smooth blood circulation.

  • Flip to use, fold to store 

  • 48mm ultra-thin

  • storage takes up no extra space

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  • Lift and fold in silence

  • Anti-fall structure

  • Foot-controlled press switch

  • Independent adjustable supporting foot to prevent the pedestal from tipping over.

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Individual footrest


Package size:W10.2”*D2.8”*H24.2” CBM:0.01

Net weight:3.6KG   Gross weight: 4KG

Pedestal + Footrest


Package size :W20.6”*D18.5”*H24.8”   CBM:0.155

Net weight :21.6KG  Goss weight: 23.6KG

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