Islands is designed to meet the needs of waiting areas, lounge area, work areas, meeting areas and multipurpose spaces with its various modules combination of seating , tables ,planters .
Its modular nature, variety of finishes and options make it a complement to any environment .
The upholstery options in a variety of textures and colors create a unique expression that suits any space.


Open & Private

Islands is designed to make spaces functional and comfortable: cushions with high backrests for better support, planter modules, long table modules with storage and upholstered seating without backrests provide greater privacy in public settings . The existence of the planter module provides more spiritual pleasure in both open and narrow spaces.


Leisure & Negotiation

Combining different configurations to achieve the specific needs of different spaces. Islands is perfect for any contract use, customized spaces, lounges, work spaces and meeting spaces . It could provide comfort and relaxation for employees, or informal discussions for customers.


Design detail

All modules are treated with 45-degree chamfering at the splicing point, which is beautiful and refined with more stable structure 




Supplementary seating for meeting rooms

The interspersed plants also add comfort to the meeting space



6 kinds of modules can be freely combined according to space requirements


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